Cognitive Dissonance and the Need to Choose

Cognitive dissonance is the psychological term for what happens when a person is grappling with two conflicting ideas in their mind. It usually occurs when something held as a firm belief is proven wrong. At that point, a choice must be made: to accept what has been proven as true, or to reject it and cling to what has always been believed.

In the field of Christian apologetics this phenomenon can be easily observed. It is the job of the apologist to present an argument, ideally an air-tight one, to prove a point about Christianity. Cognitive dissonance occurs within the mind of the one exposed to the argument when that argument proves to be true and correct, but it conflicts with the belief the person presently holds.

The question is what are you going to do with the new knowledge you have found? Will you reject it on the basis that it is different from what you already believe? Or will you humble yourself and receive the truth for what it is? The choice is yours.


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