A Tale of Two Countries


Currently there is a war in Iraq and a war in Afghanistan. The United States is involved in both, but used two different methods. In Afghanistan, the United States invaded, removed the government, helped establish a new one, and stepped out of the picture for the most part. In Iraq they invaded, removed the dictator, helped establish a new government and stayed to help with the battles still raging. How is the international community responding two these two different methods?

As the above article indicates, the international community thinks the United States didn’t do enough in Afghanistan and should send more troops to help quell the problems still there. But when it comes to Iraq, the world thinks the United States should back off and mind its own business. Does anybody else see a contradiction here?

I think the people really need to sit back and think about these situations from an international perspective. When it comes to the war in Iraq, people just want to get the troops out of there, regardless of what it costs the Iraqi people and the nation as a whole. In Afghanistan they see that more needs to be done and we have the means to help. If we look at the situation, we will see that the situations in these two countries are the same. And I do believe that we should do everything we can in our power to help establish peace. The world community’s suggestion that the United States continue to help in Afghanistan is a good one. If this is true, then we should not condemn the situation in Iraq.

(Editor’s Note: You may also be interested in reading this blog’s January 18 article, entitled “Selfish America”).


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