The Archeological Evidence Against the “Jesus Tomb Discovery”

Today I would like briefly list and examine the archeological and historical evidence against the so-called Jesus tomb discovery. Not only are there good biblical reasons why this alleged discovery cannot be true, but science itself points to it being a falsehood and a hoax:

1. The tomb was actually discovered in 1980 and archeologists, including Israel’s best, did not consider it to be of special significance, nor did they believe that it had anything to do with Jesus of Nazareth

2. Jesus was from Nazareth. It doesn’t make any sense that his family would own a tomb in Jerusalem. Furthermore, Jesus’ family was poor, and could not have afforded the upper-middle-class tomb.

3. The names on the ossuaries (bone boxes) were all extremely common. Between 25 and 50% of the women of that day were named some variation of Mary. There are 98 other tombs and 21 ossuaries discovered in Jerusalem inscribed with the name Jesus.

4. Jesus’ followers never called him the “son of Joseph.” The only people who called him this did it by mistake.

5. The only thing the so-called DNA evidence proves is that some people in the tomb were related to each other while others were not blood relatives.

6. Not only Bible scholars, but scholars of archeology and ancient history are dismissing this theory as ridiculous and unlikely. It is not only the Christians that are debating the alleged findings.

7. The tomb is nowhere near the site that has been traditionally held as the burial place of Christ for the last two thousand years. It is also nowhere near where the Bible says he was buried, in a borrowed tomb in the garden on the hill where he was crucified (see John 19:38-42). This passage points out that they buried him so close to the crucifixion site because it was the day of preparation for the Passover, and they didn’t have time to prepare the body properly, let alone transport it through the city on foot. It was late in the day by the time the body was taken down from the cross, and the festival started at sundown.

8. It should be noted that, despite the claims of some, this is not the first historical “evidence” that Jesus of Nazareth actually lived. In fact, there is tons of evidence that indisputably proves this. No reputable scholar denies that Jesus of Nazareth walked this earth two thousand years ago. The questions have always surrounded his nature and ministry.

9. Another brief point of interest: Simcha Jacobovici, the filmmaker of the Discovery Channel documentary airing this weekend about these allegedy discoveries also made a documentary about the ossuary found a couple of years ago with the inscription “James, the son of Joseph, brother of Jesus” – which has since been proven a forgery. In fact, the owner of that ossuary, Oded Golan, is currently on trial in Isreal for the crime.

These are just some of the many holes in the theory this tomb discovered in 1980 belonged to the family of Jesus Christ. For more, see yesterday’s blog on the biblical evidence against such a claim.


7 Responses to The Archeological Evidence Against the “Jesus Tomb Discovery”

  1. Satan can seem very lazy- recycling the same old deceptions. But he recycles them because they work.

  2. Paul Roasberry says:

    Although the “evidence” supporting the theorythat the tomb contained the bones of Jesus and family is extremely weak, I find your “evidence” contradicting the claim equally unconvincing. You even contradict yourself by first pointing out that “it doesn’t make any sense that his family would own a tomb in Jerusalem,” and then conceding that “the tomb is nowhere near the site that has been traditionally held as the burial place of Christ for the last two thousand years.” That burial site being, incidentally, smack dab in Jerusalem. Your “evidence” is speculative and circumstantial at best. As for the respondent above who invokes “Satan,” I would point out that the major traficking in “holy relics” throughout the past twenty centuries has been the church itself, hawking everything from fragments of the “true cross” to the “shroud of Turin” as “evidence” for their religious myth.

  3. I never said that Jesus wasn’t buried in a tomb, but that his family didn’t have a tomb in Jerusalem and thus that he wasn’t buried in this tomb. Jesus was crucified, died and was buried. The tomb he was buried in, a borrowed tomb, was found empty on the third day. No one could produce the body, so Jesus’ disciples were accused of stealing it. For more, please see the previous article, The Biblical Evidence Against the “Jesus Tomb Discovery.”

  4. steve says:

    i tend to agree. the tomb gives more evidence to the fact that jesus actually lived in the flesh as a person. the rest of the issue is menial. when we read the new testament—acts to 11 john somewhere along the route faith gets into our heart. i as a beleiver am not looking for pyhsical evidence of jesus altho the shroud issue is getting more exciting. its alot older than first supposed. “blessed are those who have not seen and yet have beleived”. digging up everybodies grave in jerusalem is a branch of science and if a scientist doesnt beleive in jesus then he will base his theories upon the physical evidence around him. such a person is very limited and without faith in jesus wont be able to realize the many facets of the issue.

  5. Herne De Hunter says:

    I think the whole story of Jesus is a myth. Nothing more than Zeus , Hercules or Achiles. My story is Jesus was not dead by the time he was removed from the cross. And he was removed by his followers and was cured and he died somewhere else and buried where he died. Then politics came. Corrupting and changing the history so that they could use this story to get the attention of ignorant. They created the storybook character of Jesus Christ to blind and make people follow the church. Some times in time someone will discover the truth. But it will never come up. Church can make it happen for sure.

    • My story is Jesus was not dead by the time he was removed from the cross

      hate yo break this to you but when The guard ran The spear in Jesus side scripture records blood and water spilled.

      Science as showed there is a small layer of water around our heart and when Jesus was ran with the spear, it went through the heart, and that if he was not already dead, will of killed him.

      nd he was removed by his followers and was cured and he died somewhere else and buried where he died

      cured? have you ever study crucifixion? there is no cure for effects it cause, you would be losing a lot of blood on the cross and that after the beating that Jesus got from the wipe.

      You have no way of living through any of it.

      as for anyone stealing the body, or places it into a different tomb, why did when people started to preach Jesus has risen, there not one accord of anyone saying wait wrong tomb! that not the one where he died!

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts
    and I will be waiting for your further post thanks once again.

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