Perfection Preaching Phobia (Perfection, Part 3)

It doesn’t come as a surprise that today’s watered-down Christianity is afraid to preach perfection. But the root of the why is a serious one.

It seems that the church today is afraid to stand on the absolute truth it was planted upon. For the sake of relevance church has become more like a counseling session than a place to learn about the Lord and who we are in him. John Hannah says something to the effect of, “churches are as plentiful as self-service gas stations and Starbucks coffee.” Church has become a product to consume instead of somewhere to go to be consumed by God.

The absolute truth the church is built upon is the Word of God, both the Logos, that is the Lord Jesus Christ, and the written Word of Scripture. The Scriptures seem to have been put on the backburner, and this is the root of the problem. The church intellectually affirms the inerrancy of Scripture, but rarely lives it out as such. They say they believe the Bible to be the Word of God, yet they live their lives as if it is only an optional self-help book that may have some sort of insight but nothing concrete to offer.

We cringe at teachings about perfection because we do not believe, or do not want to believe, that the Bible means what it says. If the Bible means what it says, then we have a responsibility to do something about it, we have to do something about what we read and what we hear. We actually have to obey it.

Well, the Bible does mean what it says. And it teaches perfection of the Christian believer. What are you going to do about it?


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