Worldly Perfection (Perfection, Part 5)

Perfection of this world is not perfection at all. Worldly perfection is man-made, or at least man-attempted. People trying to get the perfect body or the perfect job or the perfect family with the perfect car and perfect house. People trying to find the perfect experience of sensuality or the perfect high or the perfect adrenaline rush. All these things are a chasing after the wind and you know it. The so-called American dream doesn’t exist in reality. Money, friends and popularity are here today and gone tomorrow. Cars rust and houses rot with age. Sex and drugs are gone as quickly as they came to be consumed. There is no such thing as the perfect image, or the perfect lifestyle, or the perfect strut at all. A chasing after the wind, all are unattainable, and the pursuit itself is meaningless. What are you chasing after and why and do you really think you are ever going to catch it? You can’t catch perfection. The American dream is an illusion; it does not exist.


2 Responses to Worldly Perfection (Perfection, Part 5)

  1. nycity says:

    Doesn’t everyone try to do what they think is best in life? Don’t you also? We are all aiming for perfection.. though your perfection may not be the same as mine.

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