Intolerant Tolerance

In today’s pluralistic society, why is there an imbalance when it comes to tolerance? Society demands tolerance and openness to all views under the sun. People make the demand, “Take me as I am.” They advocate absolute freedom at all costs. Freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom of speech. I am not saying that freedom is a bad thing in and of itself. The imbalance comes when a single view is targeted as unacceptable while every other view remains alright. The view I am referring to is Christianity.

Case in point: Recently in San Francisco, probably the most tolerant and liberal city in the United States, there was a Battlecry youth rally. And of all places, this group was told they were not wanted in the city. How could the Mecca of tolerance be so intolerant of one group?

I am fully aware of the reasons why people in San Francisco would not want a Christian group meeting there. This intolerance of Christianity is certainly not an isolated incident – it is happening all over America. What I’m saying is that if they and everyone else expects total tolerance for their lifestyles and views, they should reciprocate. If society cannot or will not live out absolutely the same tolerance they demand, then they have no right to expect tolerance themselves. Take the plank out of your own eye, and then you can point out the speck in your neighbor’s.


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