Relativism and Truth

“Relativism has only the appearance of openness; in the end, it always frustrates the one who wants to acquire knowledge” (Douglas Wilson, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, 61).

By it’s very nature, relativism has no foundation. You may say that its foundation is that everything is relative, but that is no foundation at all because it provides no coherence or meaning. That may be a foundational statement, but as a foundation for truth it is a foundation made not of sturdy rock but of sand, shiftable and unstable.

Truth by its nature requires an absolute. Truth requires a solid foundation, solid as rock, and unbreakable, for it to be called Truth at all. This foundation is the absolute.

Relativism prides itself in openness, but for anyone who is trying to get to the root of truth it provides no answers. Relativism is a labyrinth without an exit, twisting and turning but without providing meaning or a coherent answer to the problem. It only exists as meaninglessly as a maze without an end, with those seeking the way out only ending up more and more lost.

For one who is seeking the solutions to the deeper questions of life and eternity, relativism provides no answer. This is because the answer to these questions are not relative at all. The answers are absolute answers, unchangeable and sure, solid and firm from age to age and for all eternity. One who is given a relative answer to an absolute question that has an absolute answer will, as Wilson has stated, only end up frustrated.


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