Afraid to Think

Far too many people are afraid to think. But the goal of thinking is to find the truth. So why is this?

For some, they think they already have the truth. Many of these will thus refuse to look at another view. They are indoctrinated. Others are simply comfortable with what they believe, and so stay stuck there not out of stubbornness but out of complacency or security.

Some are do not want to be challenged. Again, they are comfortable where they are. They literally fear the challenge of thinking because they fear what it will mean if they are wrong in what they already believe. If proven wrong, they will have to change.

Finally, some are afraid to think because they do not think they have the ability to. They are not in the practice of thinking critically, and as a result their minds have become like unexercised muscles, full of potential but out of shape.

The goal of thinking is to find the Truth. Thinking is a necessary part of life that you cannot run from. Are you afraid to think? Why?


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