Truth or Preference

To be a Christian is to submit to the Word and will of God completely. To be born again is to die completely to the flesh and to be born again of water and the Spirit. Why then do people treat Christianity as if they can pick and choose what they “like” and “don’t like” about it, as if the Christian life and doctrine is a matter of preference?

For example, people like the idea of going to heaven but don’t like the idea of hell. So many will choose to believe they are going to go to heaven, and also choose not to believe in hell, “because I don’t like the idea of hell” and “a loving God wouldn’t send people there anyways.”

One time I listened to a woman tell me about all the different things that she believed, none of which lined up with the Bible. She ended by saying, “Now, I don’t know if this is true or not, it’s just what I believe, because it helps me.”

How dare the world treat the Word of God as if it is changeable and subject to man’s preferences! How can the world think that God fits into its fluid and relativistic postmodern box?

By its very nature, faith seeks out the Truth. How then is it possible that someone would put their faith in something that is not the truth, but only a bright idea about what they wish were true? This kind of faith is not faith at all, but fear masking itself in some sort of belief system. It is fear because it does not seek out the truth, but only seeks to make the person comfortable with the unknown without taking responsibility for the attitudes and actions of their life. There is no hell, no judgment, no just God who will judge rightly. It is a caricature that mocks who God really is and the reality that he has made.

Are you seeking after the Truth in your walk of faith, whatever that walk looks like? Or are you only making it up as you go along, as if there were no truth to find?


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