Our Condelences

Our condolences go out to the community of Virginia Tech. We are extremely saddened by what took place. We try to find reason behind people’s actions, and not only reason but also spiritual view behind the physical. We’ll leave out for now the action of the criminal offence that has happened on your campus. But we will illuminate the clear evident spiritual aspect of an expression of a student body that has held together under extreme grievance and pressure from the media. We are encouraged to see such a family of a student body hold each other up in true unconditional love.

“A perfect man would never act from a sense of duty… Duty is only a substitute for love, like a crutch which is a substitute for a leg. Most of us need the crutch at times; but of course it is idiotic to use the crutch when our own legs can do the journey on their own” (C.S. Lewis).


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