Forum – The Bible and Homosexuality – Part 3

Today I would like to take a look at a couple more of the claims about homosexuality and the Bible found on the Would Jesus Discriminate website. They look at Romans 1:21-28, Leviticus 18 and 20, and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and 1 Timothy 1:10. They claim that these passages don’t apply to their homosexual lifestyles because they are not talking about people in their situations. They say the Romans passage is only talking about people seeking “new thrills” and idol worship through homosexuality; that the Leviticus passages are only talking about idol worship; and the Corinthians and Timothy passages are only talking about the morally weak and people who use power to get sex.

If you read the entire Bible this way then none of it would apply to us today. The Bible was indeed written to a specific group of people who experienced specific circumstances, including the ones mentioned above. But these circumstances cannot be read as the only instances where the Word of God applies. For examples, we cannot say the command “do not make for yourself an idol” does not apply to us today because it was written to a group of people who fell into worshiping a golden calf, and we don’t worship golden calves. People today make for themselves all sorts of false gods, be it a physical thing to bow down to or something like money or power. These too are false gods people worship with their lives in place of the one true God.

I found something else interesting about this page of “biblical evidence.” It uses an example out of the novel Huckleberry Finn where a woman uses a passage of Scripture to justify her owning a black slave. They point to it and say “she allows her prejudices to mold the way she reads the Bible.” How is this website’s reading of Scripture different than this character’s?


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  1. Hello,
    I am not a man of hatred or judgment. Let me begin by making that known. And also to preface my comment I say to those living the homosexual lifestyle, I am not judging you, the Bible however does. We are living in a society that chooses to change scripture to fit our fleshly desires. God says His word is to change us, by the renewing of our minds. Maybe if some people would read the Bible as it is, and allow it to work in them the way God inteneded, they could truly find the satisfaction they are looking for. Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds.
    With honest concern for the spiritual standing of all

  2. I am washed in the same blood, empowered by the same Spirit, read the same bible, worship the same God, live the same Christian life endeavouring to reflect Jesus Christ in everything I do….and my sexual orientation is towards my own sex not the opposite so how can I be judged by any other christian as somehow being unacceptable to God. My morality is a chioce my sexual orientation however isn’t.

    The false teaching that ‘homosexuality is a sin’ is a recent construct within the religious world. It is false because homosexuality is not a sin it is a sexual orientation and therefore amoral like heterosexuality.

    Only 6 possible verses out of 32,137 could be assumed to speak about homosexual acts. If we dont look at these in the light of the historical and cultural contexts then we will have to reintroduce slavery, polygamy, women would have to have their heads covered in church and no women would be able to speak in a religious service.

    If one looks deeper its not hard to see that those six verses are not speaking about same sex love/orientation as we know it today.

  3. I would like to ask two questions of you. Firstly, you have said that homosexuality is not a sin, but you have not provided a response from the Word of God. You have however put forth an opinion (one which I know you would consider a fact) that homosexuality is only a sexual orientation. Could you please support your points from Scripture? It is the very Word of God that is judging the behavior, and I am only speaking of what that Word says. You claim to believe in the same Bible.

    Secondly, how many passages of Scripture would it take for you to believe it on any given subject, not just this one? If the Bible really is the Word of God, then it is God’s Word whether he says something once or a hundred times.

  4. The Bible is plain. God says your lifestyle is an abomination. Let me clarify my point;
    1. Men and women are created with differences for a specific purpose.
    Man shall not lie with man as with women and vice versa
    2. Lust is a sin. Sex outside the bonds of marriage is sin. The God of the Bible only ordaines one marriage and it is between a man and a woman.
    Man shall leave his father and mother and they two shall become one flesh
    3. Read in Romans where Paul speaks of how people will leave the natural use of each other, speaking of sexual orientations.

    No where in scripture can you give a solid support for giving the homosexual lifestyle the ok. You can however find multiple scripture references to condemn such a lifestyle. May I also add for all those who read this and feel hatred and judgment for our friend Anthony, be careful.
    Let us remove the beam from our own eye. Now this does not mean I cannot look at your open sin and wink with no consideration. But we are probably engaged in a type battle that could rage on for days. Let me end by saying I do not have hatred for you and I would like to make that very clear. Even though I make my case I will respect you as a person who should not be the whipping post for any self righteous believer in Christ. Maybe you are settled or maybe you have questions.
    With prayers

  5. mennonite-girl says:

    I have always in my heart believed that to be homosexual in not a sin because I believe that homosexuality is genetic and can’t bring myself to understand why God would create something just to condemn it to hell. Lately I have been trying to find verses from the bible that don’t necessarily condemn homosexuality and I have found that any verse can be twisted into meaning what you want regardless of the context. As of now though I am still on the line about the whole argument, I don’t think I will ever be able to condemn these people to hell let alone tell them their feelings are wrong but i would love some verses to back me up if anyone happens to stumble across any in the near future!

  6. Thanks for your comments. Tomorrow’s post (January 22, 2008) will deal with the issues you have raised here.

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