Forum – The Bible and Homosexuality – Part 4

One argument I see over and over again in defense of the homosexual lifestyle is the appeal to God’s love. They say that God loves everybody, and all are accept by God because they are created in his image and he made them just as they are. It is true that man was created in God’s image, but the rest of this claim is simply not true to Scripture. For one, God does hate, both sin as well as specific people. Proverbs 6:16-19 for example lists seven things God hates. And Malachi 1:2 and Romans 9:13 says that God hated Esau. Secondly, man is born sinful and separate from God. It is false to say that God will accept us into his presence when we are still in our sin. If this were true then Jesus died for nothing. Salvation is required to have eternal life and to be right in God’s sight.

Another argument I see often is that Jesus accepted the outcast and minority just as they were. Reality is similar to the previous point. Jesus did receive the outcast, the prostitute, the tax collector, the Samaritan and Roman this is true. But he received each of these as they repented of their sin. Sin was never excused, but they were exhorted, “Leave your life of sin” (John 8:11).

The Bible would not be the inspired Word of God if it contradicted itself. When making a claim that Jesus says something is alright, it must be backed up by the rest of Scripture. The words of Jesus cannot contradict the rest of the Bible. God cannot lie. In part 2 of this series we examined the claim that Jesus affirmed a gay couple in Matthew 8. The argument appealed to the Greek language and an ancient meaning of a specific word. However this, or any, interpretation cannot be correct if it is in contradiction with what the rest of Scripture says. There are too many passages condemning homosexuality for the truth to be ignore. The only way around it is, as we have seen, to come up with some extraordinary claims about word meanings, or arguments about the nullification of passages. Neither takes the Bible for what it is. The Bible is God’s Word. These arguments only amount to rationalization.


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