Forum – The Bible and Homosexuality – Part 5

In closing off this week’s discussion on the Bible and homosexuality, I would like to focus in on the topic of love.

People who claim to be both Christian and homosexual usually appeal to the perception that they are “in love” in order to defend their lifestyles. As we have seen, this is used even to say that passages of Scripture do not apply to their situation. But, if I may ask the question, is it really love?

The Bible says that everything about people is corrupt from birth. The mind, emotions, conscience and will are all corrupted by the sinful nature. Therefore, while one is still in the sinful nature and not born-again, the perception of even love is corrupted. Before I was a Christian I experienced many relationships, some of which I claimed I was “in love.” When I was 19 years old I met the Lord Jesus Christ and he changed everything about my life. I repented of all my sin and he made me a new creation. Now I am married, and let me tell you, the love I experience with my husband, being born-again in Christ, is nothing like what I thought love was before I was saved. To use an illustration, it’s like the difference between powdered milk and whole milk. If you’ve never tasted whole milk and have always had powdered milk, you don’t know the difference and you don’t know that what you are tasting is any different than other milk. But once you’ve tasted the whole milk, you realize what the powdered was and is really made of, and that the whole is the real stuff.

In his book Choosing God’s Best, Dr. Don Rauniker uses the term “counterfeit oneness” to describe what happens in a relationship that is not right with God nor ordained by him. It may feel like love, but in the end it is not the real thing, only a counterfeit. And it can cause a lot of damage to the people once it ends. It’s like gluing two pieces of paper together, letting the glue dry, and then trying to separate them. Pieces of each will be permanently stuck to the other, and usually you can’t separate without tearing the pages apart.

Before I was a Christian I thought I was in love. I do not doubt that many people in same-sex relationships believe they too are in love. But apart from Christ all things in the human soul are corrupt, including the perception of emotion. I know that someone living an openly homosexual lifestyle is not in Christ because that life is not in line with what the Word of God says is a born-again new creation in Christ. Repentance, turning away from sin, is absent. And usually there is no repentance because there is a denial of sin in the first place; that person does not believe what they are doing is wrong; or they have simply rationalized it in order to appease the conscience. But again even the conscience is corrupt apart from Christ.

Homosexuality is not a “sexual orientation,” as if that makes it alright in God’s sight. As we have been examining over this week, it is a sin.

If the Holy Spirit is convicting you of this sin, do not ignore it. That conviction is God drawing you near to himself, wanting you to repent, turn away completely from you sin, taking upon yourself everything that Christ has done to deliver you from all sin and death. He want to give you new life in Christ Jesus, complete freedom from the old self. It can be done. The Lord Jesus Christ said it himself, “It is finished.”


3 Responses to Forum – The Bible and Homosexuality – Part 5

  1. You have done a great job of covering this difficult topic. Keep up the work of spreading the gospel of truth even when it is not popular.

  2. Sarah says:

    Christianity is so popular now it is ridiculous and its false.
    no-one has the right to judge anyone
    in the bible it states before you remove the splinter from someone else’s eye remove the log from yours. It’s funny that people are so judgemental about Homosexual (in no way am i saying i think what they do is right or for that matter wrong) but when you look at everything else in the bible. I don’t know the bible that well but i know it well enough to know that what people are saying is so hypocritical, people sell things in churches now according to the bible thats wrong! church is ment to be a place welcome to all, not all churches accept everyone… Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts but i believe it is wrong for someone to dicriminate against someone just because the “bible says so” because if they knew the bible well enough they wouldnt judge..and they wouldnt see things in church…and im sure there is plenty more

    God is the only one that can judge, so let him do it not you

    Let them believe they are christians maybe when they die their sins will be forgiven.

  3. Sarah, you are correct when you say God is the judge. You are also correct in saying many people are doing things inside the church which the Bible clearly says is wrong. The area of concern is this; something can be wrong because the Bible says it is. Let me give an example. A couple days ago a young man walked into his home in anger over who knows what. He shot and killed his mother, four year old sister and teenage sister. Is that wrong in your eyes? What makes it wrong? Everyone has a moral compass. For me it is the Bible. The Bible says killing is wrong, Adultery is wrong and homesexuality is wrong. Have I ever been wrong yes. I am just as guilty of sin as the people who live as homosexuals and are proud of it. The difference lies in the fact some who claim to be Christian are actively seeking to live lives overcoming the things our compass (the Bible) says is wrong. We really should all understand all sin is wrong even if it is socially accepted. Let me close by saying you have done a good job of pointing out the truth that much is wrong with the modern church, but please don’t confuse the ones truly seeking to live godly lives with those who are attached to a fad that happens to be taking place in a building called the church. The real church is the body of Christ who lives according to Gods direction and asks forgiveness when we do not fully accomplish the goal which truly is often, but doesn’t stop us from continuing.

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