Prayer – Part 3 – Pray Without Ceasing

“Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17, KJV).

This is a challenging verse for any Christian. The New International Version translates this verse, “Pray continually.” What does this mean exactly?

I am a firm believer that every aspect of life should be prayed over. Prayer isn’t something that we do only when we need something from God, or are in a crisis. Prayer should be an every day activity, but more than that, more radically than that, it should be a part of every moment of the day. Do we think that the mundane things of life are too small to matter to God? I know that God does indeed care about every detail of our lives. So why should we hesitate to pray about how we dress or how we spend our money?

I speak to myself as well. I have fallen into the habit of living out the mundane without consulting the Lord my God. Then I am convicted and reminded that God cares about the small stuff and the big stuff in my everyday life.

God cares how we spend our time. He also cares about our thoughts. Not only must every action be prayed through and discerned by the Spirit of God, but every thought must also be taken captive by that same Spirit.

These things should not be difficult. The key is to understand who we are in Christ. All things are made new in Christ, and we are filled with the Holy Spirit. We also have the mind of Christ. So let’s start living like we believe what the Bible says about who we are in Christ, and let’s never forget to include God in every area. He has permeated and changed every area of our heart and soul and life. How could we dare leave him out of our living?


One Response to Prayer – Part 3 – Pray Without Ceasing

  1. James says:

    “Pray without ceasing” True words of wisdom!

    Checkout – simple website for prayers.

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