Prayer – Part 4 – God Answers Prayer

At the risk of sounding redundant I make the following statement: God answers prayer.

Too many Christians pray their prayers without any expectation of hearing back from God. Prayer is merely a ritual expected of them. Other people don’t bother at all with prayer because they don’t see a need. Other people don’t pray because they don’t want to “bother” God, as if speaking to him were a bother in the first place. Or others because they don’t think God works miracles anymore and what they have to request of him seems too important and essentially needed. Where did these ideas come from? None of them are true to reality.

I would like to take some time to testify to my own experience of God answering prayer.

There have been times when the fridge was empty, and my husband and I had absolutely nothing to pay the rent with, and we prayed because it was all we could do, and God showed up. The rent got paid and the fridge got filled. And we dropped to our face in awe and adoration and thanksgiving to God. There was a time when we had nothing to pay the bills with and our gas and phone was to be turned off, and we prayed because it was all we could do. And God showed up. Our house stayed warm and our lines of communication stayed open to those the Lord is calling. And we dropped to our faces to thank God for his continued faithfulness to we his children.

In Christ we have become children of God. God is more than a distant Father, but our Daddy. He has always taken care of us in our needs. We only seek first his kingdom (Matthew 6:33). We have nothing to worry about because as long as we are faithful and obedient to the calling we have received, God is faithful to sustain us. The danger would be to step out of the perfect will of God.

We have no reason to be afraid or ashamed to ask of God. Petition is not the only kind of prayer, but there is a necessity to pray prayers of petition as we pray with all kinds of prayers. We can rightly expect to hear back from God. We are not bothering him in making our petitions nor by expecting him to answer. And God does work miracles today.

The greatest miracle of all in my life was the answer to a prayer I prayed before I yet truly knew the Lord Jesus. The prayer was simple: Help. I was lost in my sinful lifestyle and desperately needed a way out. I knew that God somehow would have something to do with this, but I didn’t know what or how. I cried out for help, and he showed up. He revealed himself to me and worked a miracle in my soul and in my life. Today I am a new creation in Christ Jesus, a walking testimony of the wonderful and amazing grace of God.


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