Have We Become So Proud? – The Accessibility of the Word

“Indeed, I disagree very much with those who are unwilling that Holy Scripture, translated into the vulgar tongue, be read by the uneducated, as if Christ taught such intricate doctrines that they could scarcely be understood by very few theologians, or as if the strength of the Christian religion consisted in men’s ignorance of it” (Erasmus).

Erasmus said this at a time where there was great debate over whether the Bible should be accessible and read by the common individual. At first the thought was blasphemous. There was a time when it was unthinkable that the average person have a Bible. Today in the West it is almost unthinkable that a person not have at least one Bible accessible to them. Today, the Bible is the #1 bestseller of all times.

In a time and place where we have more accessibility to the Scriptures than any other, do we take advantage of this? Or have we as Christians become so insensitive, calloused, and out of tune with the Spirit of God, that we honestly believe we don’t need to read the Bible. Have we become so proud?


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