In the beginning God said, “Let there be”
And with those words the beginning of history
Has its divine spark
Word and Spirit, the voice of God
Commanded all to be that is
And it was

Not long in history beyond that point
God spoke a curse and promise over man
For sin had entered in
And when he called, man hid
His shame exposed
Naked, cold
But still God spoke
Salvation will come

Time went by and God spoke to Abraham
A promise of descendents as the stars
A blessing to all that One Seed shall be
Even though the finished promise he would not see
In his days
He believed God
The Righteous One had spoken
He obeyed
Salvation was coming

The law was given
Spoke by God
Lamb to be slain
Blood covers sin
But One still to come
Prophet as Moses
Salvation still to come

David, king, God spoke to of kingdom
Never to fade away
A King from his line to reign forever
Deliver the people

Pierced He was and bruised He was
Unrecognized, despised, alone
Not what mankind was looking for
Not at all what they had hoped
“Take up your cross” He spoke to those
Who dared follow and believe
And there He was
Obedient, humble unto death
Upon his cross
Cursed on the tree
He cried out
“It is finished!”
And the Word made flesh, slain from the ages
Speaker of life throughout all time
Had spoke the truth and made the way
It is finished
It is done

And now that word’s write on my heart
Old life made new and sins forgiven
God’s breath in me, His Spirit strong to carry me
God said, “Let this one live”
And I do
Praise the Lord,


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