Are Christianity and Islam Compatible? – Part 7 – Conclusion

Someone might say, “All religions are fundamentally the same and superficially different.” Many have pointed out to the contrary, “No, all religions are really superficially the same and fundamentally different” (1). Such is the case with Islam and Christianity.

On the surface level some things seem similar. Both claim to believe in the God of Abraham. Both claim to believe in the person of Jesus Christ, in his virgin birth, sinlessness and ability to perform miracles. Islam claims to recognize the Christian Bible at some level.

Yet when the doctrines of each of these religions are compared at any depth, it is easy to see that they do not teach the same thing. The God of the Bible and Allah of the Qur’an are not the same God. Islam denies the most fundamental doctrines of Christianity, namely the Trinity, the work of Christ on the cross, and salvation by faith. The Qur’an also claims to nullify the Bible, the very Word of God. While Islam and Christianity do hold some vague similarities, they are fundamentally different in their beliefs.

(1) E.g. Ravi Zacharias in many of his Let My People Think broadcasts. These can be found and listened to at

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2 Responses to Are Christianity and Islam Compatible? – Part 7 – Conclusion

  1. Rahuman28 says:

    The Lord Jesus was the 3rd Prophet sent to earth by the Almighty Allah to guide the mankind on good path and it was revealed to him that a 4th and the final prophet will be sent and he was Prophet Muhhammad (Sal). Though this was clearly mentioned in the Holy Bible, it had been deliberately blacked out from public knowledge by every fore-fathers of Christianity. This is a bitter truth of the Holy Bible.

    The Christians says “Amen” in prayers and the Moslems say “Aameen”. This only simple compareness is the most acceptable evidence to claim that the Prophets were from the direct command of the Almighty.

    Please note that there’s only One GOD whoever it is but the rest of preachers were LORDs. No one never call God Jesus, God Buddah, God Krishna, or any other with God prefix. But only the Moslems call Allah the God.

  2. In comparing “Amen” and “Aameen,” you’ve only shown that two similar languages have a similar word for “so be it” to end their prayers.

    Now if you are trying to use this argument to say the Greek word “paracletos” should read “pariclytos,” the argument still fails. Amen and aameen are the same word in different languages, but paracletos and pariclytos are completely different words in the same language. It’s like saying “church” and “crutch” are the same word because they have some of the same letters in common (c, r, c and h). Paracletos means “comfortor”, pariclytos means “praised one.” Similar letters does not prove anything if the two words have completely different meanings.

    For more on “Did Jesus fortell Mohammed?” check back for tonight’s blog. For more on “Is Jesus God?” tune in next week for a series on the subject.

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