Did Jesus Foretell Muhammad?

Firstly, I am going to reiterate my response to a comment on this topic: Now if you are trying say that the Greek word “paracletos” should read “pariclytos,” the argument fails. To say the two are so similar as to be switched by mistake is like saying “church” and “crutch” are the same word because they have some of the same letters in common (c, r, c and h). Paracletos means “comfortor” or “counsellor,” pariclytos means “praised one.” Similar letters does not prove anything if the two words have completely different meanings. There is also no evidence to suggest that the Greek originally read “pariclytos” in the first place. It is not a “cover-up”; there is no evidence to suggest it to be true, only speculation.

Secondly, the things the Lord Jesus said about the Comforter to come, that is the Holy Spirit, does not fit the person Muhammad. This passage is found in John 14:15 and following. The following are a few of the things could not fit Muhammad:

1. Jesus says that the Comforter will be with the disciples forever (v. 16). Muhammad was only a man. Besides this, he wasn’t born until 600 years after these words were spoken.
2. Muhammad is not the Spirit of truth (v. 17a), or the Holy Spirit (v. 26).
3. Muhammad, being a man, could not live within the disciples as the Comforter is said to do (v. 17b).
4. Also, in Acts 1:4 we read that Jesus commanded the disciples to wait in Jerusalem until the promised Holy Spirit comes. They could not have been commanded to wait in Jerusalem for 600 years until Muhammad was born. They were told to wait for the Holy Spirit so they could go out and preach the gospel.

A simply reading of the passages in question show that the context does not permit the promised Comforter to be Muhammad, as Muslims claim.

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One Response to Did Jesus Foretell Muhammad?

  1. colin says:

    Thank you brother. You are honouring the living God as his faithful servant.Islam has tried to hijack the written word of God if possible “to deceive even the very elect”..praise God that he guards his word. Thank you brother.

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