Who Are the Real Hypocrites Anyways?

Editor’s Note: We will return to our discussion on the pope’s recent declaration that non-Catholic churches aren’t truly Christian next week.

You say that you don’t want to hear what the “Christian right.” Has to say. You say that Christians are too closed-minded. Yet you close your minds to hearing what the Christian has to say. They must be wrong because they are the Christian right. You say that the Christian right is too exclusive; yet you turn around and exclude their opinions. You, the bastion of inclusiveness, are excluding one particular view, which rightfully appear on the spectrum of thought. Everyone else has the right to their opinions. Everyone else has the right to protest. But not the Christian. It’s okay if everyone insults Christianity, but heaven forbid if the Christian takes a stand, especially a stand which based on Christianity’s values they must take. Heaven forbid the Christians offend anyone. It’s okay to mud-sling, and name-call, and degrade the Christian opinion. But it’s not okay for the Christian to stand up for what they believe, and proclaim that there are things in this world that are not okay. After all, they might offend someone, and everyone has a right to their opinions. Except the Christians. And you call us hypocrites.


One Response to Who Are the Real Hypocrites Anyways?

  1. francis says:

    Christians are compelled to air their views because they are the “salt” and “light” of the world. However the discourse among christians these days remind me of the saduccees and pharisees of the Bible. The Catholic church, regretably, has instigated this war of words which are all sound and fury signifying nothing. No one is saved on the basis of their denomination or church. O ye men of little faith.

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