Who Are The Lost?

Who are the lost? Who are the ones who need Jesus?

They are not only those who have drug and alcohol addictions, or those who sell their bodies. They are not only those who come from the projects or broken homes. They are not only those who are gang-bangers, thieves, and crooks.

I was a stereotypical “lost person” at one time in my life. But these are not the only ones who are lost.

A person may have never touched drugs, may abstain from alcohol and may be a virgin, but still be lost.

The Bible says that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23), and all stand condemned already before God (John 3:18). This is because of the sinful nature we are all born with (Psalm 51:5, Genesis 8:21). We are sinners before we have even done anything wrong, because although our sins are the sum total of our bad actions, sin is our very nature when we are apart from Christ.

So we cannot say only the down and out need Jesus. We cannot only focus our evangelistic efforts on those living on the streets. These need Jesus, that is very true. But what about the person who works at the cash register next to you, or in the cubicle next to you? What about the couple who just moved in next door to you, safely away from the city, tucked away in suburbia? What about you?


One Response to Who Are The Lost?

  1. Amanda says:

    This is why it is so important to share the gospel message with everyone. Thanks for the post.

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