The Right to Abort?

The debate has been going on for decades: Does a woman have a right to abort.

I don’t think so.

Let’s say someone runs a stop sign and gets a ticket. That person does not have a right to say, “Sure, I ran that stop sign, but I have a right to refuse to pay that ticket.” Let’s say someone kills someone else and gets caught. That person does not have the right to say, “Sure, I killed that guy, but I have a right to refuse to serve prison time.” There are consequences to our actions, and we must pay them.

Sex creates children. No this is not a crime. But it is an action that has a consequential ramifications. The fact of the matter is that sex does often result in the creation of a human being (and I want to emphasize the human being part of that).

So no, I don’t think a woman has a right to abort her unborn child. You have no right to say that another human being shouldn’t live because you don’t want to have them around. If that was the case, countless bullied children would turn up dead, murdered because no one liked them or wanted them around. It doesn’t matter if you think a child is an inconvenience to you, they are still alive, and worthy of this. You have no right to take that away.

“But what about cases of rape and incest?” I think the same equation applies. Let me stress that it is not the woman, or young girl’s, fault for these terrible things to happen. Still, the consequence of the action that the man forced to happen is a pregnancy, the creation of another human life. And again, I do not think anyone has a right to take that away.

If you take the life of an unborn child, you are playing God, taking away the life of one you have no right to take.


2 Responses to The Right to Abort?

  1. astudent says:

    I have agreed with you so many times that I am adding you to my Blogroll. If that is OK?

  2. You’re more than welcome to add us your your blogroll. I’m glad you’ve been blessed by our blog.

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