What About Relative Truth?

A while back I received a comment regarding the difference between metaphysical and logical absolutes. I think there is an important point to be made here.

The most obvious kind of absolute truth is that which branches from the natural world such as science and mathematics. We can absolutely know things like 2+2=4 and the like. But what about things of a more abstract, metaphysical nature?

If we assert anything to be true at all, that truth by definition must be absolute. If a truth is not absolute, then it is no truth at all, but merely subjective opinion. But if a truth is really true, then it must be absolute and unchanging. This does not change, regardless if the truth in question is scientific or metaphysical.


5 Responses to What About Relative Truth?

  1. astudent says:

    You are of course correct, but there are far fewer “truths” in the world than one realizes.
    Mathematics I think are true (I am not even sure of that), but most of science is “merely subjective opinion”. What is stated today as fact is refuted tomorrow, as we learn more about the subject.
    Just as we base our truth on the Bible, science bases its truth on theories. The Big Bang is only a theory, and how stars were formed is a theory based on the Big Bang theory, next theory is how planets were formed, then life…. Well, do you see what I mean?

  2. I do see what you mean. To clarify, when I refer to science, I am refering to the facts, not to the theories. Evolution is a theory, but does not conform to the typical laws of science, and as a result I think is bad theory. Gravity is scientific fact. 2=2=4 in mathematics as fact. This is the kind of thing I am refering to when I refer to science.

  3. astudent says:

    Just for kicks I looked up gravity. He He He, it is all theory. General theory of relativity, Newton’s theory of gravitation, quantum field theory, Brans-Dicke theory of gravity……. We know what it does and we can calculate the force, but we don’t know what it is, so we make up theories. If you fall on your nose it will hurt. We can calculate the force you will hit with, but we really don’t know what the force that caused it is, or said slightly different we don’t know why two bodies, are attracted. Gravity is a fact, but what we know about it is only theory.
    2+2=4? 2 electrons + 2 positrons = 0 (anti-matter) Well, maybe it equals 4 units of energy.
    I’m not trying to argue with you. I agree with you. I just think it is funny that most of science is based on theories that are presented as fact, as if they know more than just the result of natural laws.
    I know this is not your point, you do have a good point and I hope I’m not being too disruptive. I’m always looking at something from a different angle. (and I’ve got a big mouth)

  4. Jamin says:

    As someone once said to me “If someone tells you ‘the truth is relative’, ask them if that is an absolute or a relatively statement”.

  5. Exactly, and I do talk about that in other places on this blog as well.

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