Eternal Security? – Part 1

Over the next several days, I want to take a look at what is probably the most emotionally charged theological issue in Christianity: the question of whether the Christian is eternally secure or can possibly forfeit their salvation.

Again, I recognize that this is an emotionally charged issue. We at Acts 20:24 Ministries believe that a Christian can forfeit their salvation. I want to explain our position and tell you how we have come to this conclusion after reading the Word of God and studying the issue in depth.

I am going to first explain what we mean when we say one can “forfeit” their salvation, as well as what we don’t mean. I will talk about the security we do have as children of God. Finally, I will look at some of the passages that are commonly used to defend the doctrine of eternal security. We do not neglect any piece of Scripture or claim that it “doesn’t count.” We do read in context, and line up the Bible with itself, because we know that the Bible does not contradict itself.

I hope that this study is insightful and edifying, builds up your confidence and faith in the Lord, and grows your knowledge of him and his Word.


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