Thank You For Reading – 8 Months

We’re just a few days away from our eight month anniversary here at Minds2Mentes. I know eight months is an odd anniversary to celebrate, but it seems like a good time to thank all of you very much for your continued readership, as well as your dialogue, on this blog. We really appreciate you as readers, and definitely pray that we have blessed you by the things written here. We hope that our thoughts and writings have penetrated and challenged your minds, provoking thought and a deeper understanding of the things of God. The relationship with God is what is most important. Sometimes we can get so caught up in thinking about things and defending the faith that we miss the relationship that God desires to have with us through our knowledge of him. As C.S. Lewis put it, “A man can’t be always defending the truth, there must be a time to feed on it.” I hope you have a blessed weekend and spend lots of time in the Word, feeding on the truth of the Lord God Almighty. We will return to our discussion about the doctrine of eternal security next week. Many blessings and thanks to you.

Rigoberto and Krista Dominguez
Acts 20:24 Ministries


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