A Couple C.S. Lewis Quotes

I’ve been reading C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce. I know I quoted from it yesterday, but I found a couple more memorable quotes in it today, and would like to put them out there for you to ponder.

“There have been men before now who got so interested in proving the existence of god that they came to care nothing for God Himself… as if the good Lord had nothing to do but exist! There have been some who were so occupied in spreading Christianity that they never gave a thought to Christ. Man! Ye see it in smaller matters. Did ye never know a lover of books that with all his first editions and signed copies had lost the power to read them? Or an organizer of charities that had lost all love for the poor? It is the subtlest of all the snares.”

Further down the page this famous quote is also found:

“There are only two kinds of people in the end: those who say to God, ‘Thy will be done,’ and those to whom God says, in the end, ‘Thy will be done.’ All that are in Hell, choose it. Without that self-choice there could be no Hell.”


3 Responses to A Couple C.S. Lewis Quotes

  1. marlajayne says:

    Good ones, especially the second one. One of my favorites of Lewis’ books is Mere Christianity, and this quote is from there: Being a Christian is like entering “a hall out of which doors open into several rooms. If I can bring anyone into that hall I shall have done what I attempedl But it is in the rooms, not in the hall, that there are fires and chairs and meals. The hall is a place to wait in, a place from which to try the various doors, not a place to live it.” He then reminds his readers to continue praying for light and to realize that the hall is not a place to camp out.

  2. Jim says:

    I need some help… I’ve been looking for the originator of this insight for a few years…….

    Someone who is in heaven and is sent back to the best possible life on Earth is like hell to him. Conversely one who is in hell and is sent back to worst possible life on earth would be like heaven to him. Ring any bells? C.S. Lewis??? Spurgeon??? Edwards…..????
    Thanks for any help

  3. Philip says:

    It’s from the same book , Great Divorce, later on in the conversation between the Scot and the protagonist. The man asks if heaven and hell are nothing but illusions, the Scot explains that the damned will find they were damned all along, while the saved found they were saved all along. What seemed like dry patches will be revealed as an Oasis for the saved.

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