Lessons From The Great Divorce – The Rest Who Went Back

In C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce, it is sad that all but one (in addition to the narrator) would choose to go back to hell even when given the chance to spend eternity in heaven. Each of the characters has their own reasons, stemming from their unresolved sin, for going back:

– For a couple, heaven was simply too overwhelming and brilliant
– One tried to bring a piece of heaven back to hell (but it wouldn’t fit)
– A self-conscious ghost refused to be helped because she didn’t want to be seen through in her shame
– One went back when she was unable to attract any of the heavenly spirits
– Two possessive women (one of her husband, the other of her son) refused to give up possession of their “loved” ones, completely missing what love really is
– One refused to stop acting and pretending (he was an overdramatic tragedian), and refused to embrace the joy of heaven

If you do not know the Lord, what is keeping you back from receiving the salvation being offered you? Are you afraid of the light? Do you enjoy your sin too much? Do you hold onto something or someone possessively, mistaking this for love? Do you harbor bitterness or resentment?

Will you let go of the chain today? Will you let go of that which is holding onto you, and surrender it to God Almighty? Will you allow the Lord to make you new and receive you into his kingdom? Will you let go of your sin, and in turn receive forgiveness, new life and victory over its power? I pray you will. I pray you learn from this story that there is only one way to be saved, and it is through the Lord Jesus Christ.

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