A New Year’s Eve

A year ago tonight I was introduced to Richard Dawkins when my husband and I stumbled across him on the Book Channel talking about The God Delusion. It has been quite the year. Some say that this was the year for the atheists. I think those voices have definitely resounded this year. They sure make a lot of noise.

On the plus side, I think that these voices have given Christianity a wake-up call. Some Christians who have previously been content to slumber through the storm have been awakened to the reality that they need to have an answer for the faith they profess. Sure, we have read that verse plenty of times, but now it has become clear that it is true for all believers. If the believer does not have an answer, one of two things will happen: either they will continue on in their slumber and in turn ignore God’s calling to preach the gospel to this world, or else they will be swayed by the waves of argument coming against them and lose their faith altogether.

If you haven’t woken up already, the alarm is sounding and it’s time to rise to this occasion. Perhaps the fields have never been more ripe for the harvest, people never more ready to receive the gospel. For when the attack is coming, the mind is awakened to the ideas being proposed. And if the mind is at work, it is prepared to engage the issues at hand, and is therefore open to the gospel.

May this be a fruitful year for the preaching of the gospel. God bless you Christian soldiers as you go forth.


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