Nietzsche Would Laugh

Today I would like to refer you to a recent Breakpoint article by Chuck Colson. It can be found here.

I think Colson hits a great point in this article. Ravi Zacharias also hits it in his book The True Face of Atheism. They both point out that Nietzsche knew the implications of his declaration that God is dead, namely that without God morality has no absolute reference point; and also that the “new atheists” (Richard Dawkins et al) seem to miss this point. The new atheists advocate that morality can be found apart from God. It is true that someone may have a certain sense of right and wrong without belief in God. But they still ignore the question of absolute right and wrong. The truth of the matter is that different people do in fact have different ideas about what’s okay and what’s not okay in their own lives. This idea usually changes as they get closer to the lines that they have drawn for themselves. Which, again, makes this kind of morality relative and not absolute. As Ravi says elsewhere (quoting someone else whose name escapes me), “the explanation fails to explain.”

Enjoy the article, and feel free to comment on what you think about the issue at hand.


3 Responses to Nietzsche Would Laugh

  1. micey says:

    good commentary… this reminds me of something i read yesterday about love… can people really know what love is if they aren’t saved? they can, but it is more of a counterfeit version of love… and i understood what the person met because i have known counterfeit love and now i know real love… if that makes sense?

  2. I know exactly what you are talking about. I wrote about “counterfeit oneness” here in relation to homosexuality, but it definitely applies to all ungodly relationships.

  3. micey says:

    hah! i read it on your page 😆 I couldn’t remember where I read it, thanks!

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