Ethics In An Age of Relativism

Today, a quote from the political science professor Robert Fitch, from a 1959 article entitled The Obsolescence of Ethics:

“Ours is an age where ethics has become obsolete. It is superceded by science, deleted by philosophy and dismissed as emotive by psychology. It is drowned in compassion, evaporates into aesthetics and retreats before relativism. The usual moral distinctions between good and bad are simply drowned in a maudlin emotion in which we feel more sympathy for the murderer than for the murdered, for the adulterer than for the betrayed, and in which we have actually begun to believe that the real guilty party, the one who somehow caused it all, is the victim, and not the perpetrator of the crime.”

[Editor’s note: This one is a day late (again) because the pesky server was down (again) yesterday… sorry about that!]


3 Responses to Ethics In An Age of Relativism

  1. Joey B says:

    I love this quote. I heard it on Ravi Zacharias today. SOOOOOOOO GOOOOD!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunatelly, it is true

  3. Jeffin Jacob says:

    Reality of relativism & human justice….

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