Art Has Become a Vulgar Thing

This Chicago Tribune article relates a lawsuit a man filed after he claims a camera was shoved down his throat. The Blue Man Group claims that no such things was done, it being a slight-of-hand trick that was all part of the show. It seems that the group takes an unsuspecting member of the audience and pretends to put a camera down their throat, while a prerecorded medical video plays on the big screen. Apparently the “Esophagus Video” is one of the group’s “most popular theatrical devices.”

And this is called art?


In the past art was seen as something sacred, something used to bring glory to God. Then the purpose was lost, and art became full of lewdness. Today someone can do something odd with a toilet and call it art.

Art has increasingly not a thing of beauty but a thing of vulgarity. Art, far from portraying something lovely, has become a mode of portraying the profane. Art has become “art for art’s sake” instead of something used to point to One greater than the artist.

Besides these types of things, vulgarity has also permeated the musical and literary art forms as well.

The purpose of art has become that of deliberate offensiveness, as if leaving a bad taste in someone’s mouth, so to speak, was the whole purpose of the work.

If these artists are today’s philosophers, what in the world is our culture learning? God help us.


One Response to Art Has Become a Vulgar Thing

  1. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

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