Is the Cup Half Empty or Half Full?

My husband asked me this question and provoked a thought tonight. He asked me if I see the cup as half empty or half full. I told him it depends on the situation, but generally I see it as half full. He pointed out that it’s actually both half empty and half full. You cannot overlook that both are true.

Too often in our lives we get stuck looking at things a certain way. Call it disposition, or context, or preference, or whatever, or maybe even genuine conviction. But you look at something a certain way. The problem comes when you don’t have the ability, or else refuse to, step back and see if the way you are viewing things is actually true and in tune with reality.

The truth is that sometimes we do look at things from a limited perspective. You may have a certain prejudice about something based on an experience, and you always look at that something in the light of your experience. But maybe that something doesn’t always work out that way, and you’re just stuck in that mode of thought based on experience.

I hear about this happening a lot with people who have been hurt by the church or by people claiming to be Christians. They have been hurt, and so they refuse to have anything to do with God, Christianity or the church. They have been so hurt that they can’t step back and see that the person or church was not actually representing Christ as the Bible says a Christian should. They only see their hurt, the existential experience, not the way things should be in perfection and truth. In such a case, the truth will never be seen until that person can step back and view Christ as he really is, not as he has been falsely represented or even half-heartedly portrayed.

How do you see the glass? Do you have the full picture?


4 Responses to Is the Cup Half Empty or Half Full?

  1. C.L. Mareydt says:

    … that is why we are each individuals …

    we each have our own individualized perspectives & dispositions … neither right or wrong … neither wrong or right.

    truth will always find us exactly where we are at!

  2. Perhaps I should have been a bit more clear, I am not saying that there is no such things as a right or wrong perspective. As I talk about a lot on this blog, there absolutely is such thing as absolute truth – the nature of truth itself is its absoluteness. In the situation discussed in this post, it was wrong to look at things only one way at the cost of missing the whole picture; missing the forest for the trees, so to speak. It is not that the truth is whatever we make it out to be, but that we need to take a look at the whole picture to find the truth. Someone has said “the truth is out there”… It really is.

  3. meetabi says:

    what does this really mean. The cup is half full or half empty.
    I need an explanation in it simplest form.

  4. The answer is it’s both. A cup 50% full is also 50% empty. My point is that we need to look at the full picture to understand whatever it is we’re looking at and to find the whole truth.

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