Changing Schedules

Blogging Minds2Mentes these past thirteen months has been a blessing to me, and I hope it has also been for you. I have learned a lot about my faith, as well as the discipline of writing every day. Lately the busyness of life has been catching up with me a bit. As a result I am taking the rest of this week off blogging to recharge. Next week I am going to begin blogging three times-a-week instead of five. I hope that this will give me a bit of a breather for the time being, as well as improve the quality of the blog posts that will be written. I pray that you all continue to learn and be ministered to by the thoughts and lessons that I post on this blog. Pray for us as we continue to learn and grow as well.

C.S. Lewis made a great point when he said, “One cannot always be defending the truth. He must also take time to feed on it.” I hope you have a great week, as I hope I will, and I hope you’ll tune back in next week as we continue on our journey towards truth. God bless you all.

Krista Dominguez
Acts 20:24 Ministries
Publications Editor


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