The Top 10 Lies Our Culture Believes

Our culture has been taught to believe all sorts of things that just aren’t true. I’m going to be covering each of these over the next two weeks. The first five have to do with the way our culture views spirituality. The last five have to do with the issues directly impacted by culture’s faulty understanding of spirituality.

1. Truth is relative.
2. Faith is private.
3. The Bible is full of contradictions and the church full of hypocrites.
4. You can’t judge me.
5. I’ll never be perfect.
6. I can do whatever I want as long as it’s not hurting anyone.
7. I can be with whoever I want as long as we love each other.
8. It is a woman’s right to choose abortion.
9. Divorce is acceptable if a marriage is no longer working.
10. A submissive wife is a slave.

Editor’s Note: We are going back to our regularly daily posting schedule. Thank you for bearing with us as we lowered the dosage for the last few weeks! It has been a great time of spiritual recharging for me. I’m glad to be back up to full strength and ready to get back to blogging 5 days a week.


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