Wounded by Cults and Loss of Faith

I was browsing around www.exmormon.org and read some people’s accounts of what caused them to leave the Mormon church. I was saddened by what much of what I was reading. Many people who left the church had written off religion altogether.

This is not completely unreasonable. I’ve been to churches that hurt me and I know that I was hesitant to return to church for fear of the same kind of manipulation. But the truth is that just because one church hurt you doesn’t mean that there isn’t truth out there to be found.

There is a humorous commercial on our local Christian radio station. It depicts two men sitting down to eat at a restaurant. One of the men refuses to order anything but pickles because that is the only thing that he’s ordered that hasn’t been messed up in the past. They messed up his cheeseburger or so he’ll never order a cheeseburger again – you get the idea. Then they bring the wrong kind of pickles and the guy swears off that too. The point of the commercial bears a truth: just because something bad happened in the past at church doesn’t mean that God isn’t real and the gospel isn’t true.

I’m sorry to see so many people hurt by the deception of the Mormon church. I wish that these people would see that God is real and the Bible is true. The message of the Mormon church has perverted the message of the Bible.

To get to the truth you need to search for it. It doesn’t make sense to swear off truth because someone who claims to have it really doesn’t. It’s hard, but you need to dust off your feet and move on, getting to the real message of the Word of God. Nothing less will do.


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