Apologetics is Spiritual Warfare

Apologetics is intellectual spiritual warfare.  It is a battle of minds for the souls of men and women.  Answering questions clears the way for the truth of the Gospel to penetrate the heart.  The whole soul is at stake – mind, emotions, conscience, and will.  But it starts with nurturing the mind – the intellect, the questions asked and the doubts harbored.  Apologetics seeks to meet a person where they are at in their understanding of life, purpose, and morality.  It challenges the assumptions, and puts the worldview under the microscope.  It dismantles the strongholds – the falsehoods that have been adopted and lies that have been believed.  These strongholds may exist on every level of the soul, just as the apologist seeks to reach the whole soul.  Apologetics can no longer be neglected in the Church, because to gain the salvation of the soul you must be willing and able to address the individual’s questions of the mind, longings of the heart, construction of morality, and choices of the will.


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