Two Types of Reasoning

When we speak of the subject of logic, there are two types of reasoning. Inductive reasoning starts with individual pieces of evidence, and puts the puzzle together in order to reach a conclusion. This is a scientific way of looking at truth claims. Deductive reasoning does the opposite, and taking a general idea or conclusion, and then breaking it down to make sense of it in pieces. This is a philosophical way of examining truth claims.

Allow me to give an example. Look at the problem 2+2=x. We can figure out that x=4 by adding the individual numbers 2 and 2. That is inductive logic. Now suppose you are a detective committed to solving a crime. You know the end result of what happened (the crime itself), but have to collect the clues (the “pieces” of the puzzle) in order to figure out how it was carried out and by whom. That is deductive logic.

I am convinced that we can use both types of reasoning to help point to the existence of God. If you follow the trail of scientific evidence in nature, you will find that it leads to a Creator. If you follow the broad idea of the existence of moral right and wrong, and figure out how we come to morality, you will end up with the conclusion that a Moral Lawgiver must exist.

I do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ because he is some kind of crutch that makes me feel good. I believe in him because the Gospel is true. Truth claims can be tested. I serve a God that says, “Come now, let us reason together. Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow” (Isaiah 1:18).


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