Two Approaches to Reasoning

Last week I talked about the two types of logic – inductive and deductive.  I also alluded to this week’s topic.  If I may speak in broad terms, there are two general ways that people tend to approach reason as it relates to truth and this world. 

Some people view the world scientifically; that is, they use inductive logic and their five senses to evaluate truth claims.  Life is thought through based on what the person can see, hear, and touch.  This is called Empiricism.

Other people view the world philosophically.  They use deductive reasoning to evaluate life based on their experiences, but on an emotional level.  How they feel about a situation determines how they view the truth of the matter.  This is called Existentialism.

Many times these two approaches are viewed as contradictory.  In the secular sense, they are both philosophical distortions of truth and reality.  However, I serve a God of coherence.  The God of the Bible is the Creator of heaven and earth, saying something about the way we view the world empirically.  He is also present with his creation, speaking to our experience.  In theological terms we speak of God being transcendent over creation, as well as immanent in his relationship with us. Faith cannot be disconnected from the life we live, because it is a part of our existence in this world. 


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